Working Man Gallery // Salford Remains Exhibition
to Sep 29

Working Man Gallery // Salford Remains Exhibition

Following our Artists Among Us posts, we are now supporting the artistic events led by the people who work for Manchester Art Gallery. The Working Man Gallery is run by some of our Front of House Cafe Staff, as an artist run space in a standard terraced house. Here is their press release for the opening night:

Salford strikes back again!

Working Man Gallery's current resident David Stieffenhofer from Germany puts his impressions of the rapidly changing area around Salfords Shopping City into paintings and transforms collected objects. Mixing found objects with recycled materials, Stieffenhofer shows what remains after things have happened. The choice of green as the defining colour of the exhibition is representative of both the hope and the sunken dreams of Salfords inhabitants.

Performance at 20:00

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