Gallery Ghouls

Here's our staff's top picks of the spookiest pieces from our collection. Which do you think is the eeriest of all? Send us your vote in the comments below! All you need to write is the image number or title, as listed below. 

The winning painting will be featured on our homepage and inspire a future blog post.


Image 1 Daniel Maclise R.A. A Winter Night's Tale 1867
Image 2 Frederic James Shields Hamlet and The Ghost 1901
Image 3 John Souch Sir Thomas Aston at The Deathbed Of His Wife C.1593–1645
Image 4 Walter Richard Sickert Jack The Ripper's Bedroom 1860–1942
Image 5 Joshua Reynolds Jane Hamilton, Wife of 9th Lord Cathcart, And Her Daughter Jane 1754-1755
Image 6 Francisco Goya Y Lucientes Obsequio Á El Maestro 1799
Image 7  Arthur Eric Rowton Gil Child And Witch 1918

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