Artists Among Us // David Carden

In this series of posts, we aim to present a 'virtual exhibition' showcasing the artistic talents hidden within our teams. You may have seen this done recently by the Tate with their weekend long exhibition Inside Job of their staff's artwork. Well, we also believe the unknown artists among us are worthy of recognition. This series will present to you a diversity of disciplines from people who are practising artists, or exercise this as a hobby.

"I've always enjoyed drawing and doodling but always kept it as a hobby rather than try and pursue it academically or professionally.  Over the years I've drawn gig posters and CD covers for musical friends, but nothing much else. I started going to British wrestling shows a couple of years ago and became slightly obsessed with the characters and fandom involved with it.  When it came to that years "Inktober" challenge on social media, I made "British wreslters" my theme.  One of my posts caught the eye of wrestler, Chris Brookes, who got in touch with me about drawing a t-shirt design for him. After that I did another for him and then started getting offers from other wrestlers; "The Bruiserweight" Pete Dunne, British Strong Style (via their home promotion Fight Club Pro), "King Of The Mods" Flash Morgan Webster, north-east promotion "North Wrestling" and members of their roster, Sons Of Ulaid, and Screwface.
Despite the fact I always leave the designs to the last minute, get myself incredibly stressed and ALWAYS swear this will DEFINITLEY be the last one do, I actually get a real thrill when I go to a wrestling show and see people wearing my design,  so, as long as people keep asking me, I'll continue doing it."- David Carden // Collections Assistant.