Artists Among Us // Jo Beggs

This is the first in a series of posts in which we aim to present a 'virtual exhibition' showcasing the artistic talents hidden within our teams. You may have seen this done recently by the Tate with their weekend long exhibition Inside Job of their staff's artwork. Well, we also believe the unknown artists among us are worthy of recognition. This series will present to you a diversity of disciplines from people who are practising artists, or exercise this as a hobby. 

"My work is primarily etching and aquatint, and focuses on Modernist architecture, but I also occasionally make linocuts. I discovered printmaking when I started working at the Whitworth in 2000 and saw people taking part in printmaking classes. I signed up for a class at Prospect Studio in Rawtenstall and have been going there ever since. I love the science behind the process, the time it take to make the plates and the sense of the unknown of just how things are going to turn out until the plate goes through the press. " - Jo Beggs // Head of Development for The Manchester Museums and Galleries Partnership